What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

April 20th, 2023 by

You Catalytic Converter You’ve probably heard of catalytic converters before, but you might not know exactly what they are or what they do. A catalytic converter is a device fitted to a vehicle’s exhaust system. Its purpose is to convert harmful pollutants in exhaust gas into less harmful substances. In this blog post, we’ll examine

Common Signs of Needing Spark Plug Replacement

June 10th, 2022 by

Symptoms of Failing Spark Plugs Spark plugs are critical components of an engine that generate electric sparks to ignite the fuel-air combination in the engine cylinders and generate energy. However, like all vehicle components, spark plugs have a limited lifespan, after which they become faulty and require replacement. If you’re experiencing any of the following

What is the Anti-Lock Braking System?

January 8th, 2022 by

How Your Car’s Technology Keeps You Safe Most cars manufactured in the last 20 years are designed with advanced safety features such as an anti-lock braking system (ABS). However, despite the industry-wide adoption of this safety feature, some auto owners may not know exactly how their car’s ABS works. Your vehicle’s brakes are critical for